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Monday, 16 December 2013

Counting down to Christmas? So are we in The Wetlands! Here's your *free* recipe for Bischopswijn!

I don't know if you realise this, but there's a financial crisis on in The Wetlands. Christmas will be a frugal affair for many of my countrymen.
There are noticeably less light-decorations around the streets, and folks are being careful what they are spending their money on. To save money, I will have a do-it-yourself Christmas this year.
The bar at TweeHondjes, Hellevoetsluis

I took my old Mum to my favourite haunt in my home town, for a concert by Dutch female group Reïncarnatus.

 The management had splashed out on Glühwein (not Dutch at all, but German, although we have a spiced wine variety as well, called Bischopswijn) and raisin bread.

Recipe for easy-peasy Bischopswijn:

*1 bottle of red plonk (no need to pay a lot for it, as you will be chucking things in)
*1 lemon
*2 cinnamon sticks or a good dash of ground up cinnamon
*brown sugar (optional)

Heat the wine (do NOT let it boil!), add the juice of the lemon and the cinnamon sticks and perhaps the sugar if you have a sweet tooth. Drink hot, but not too hot, as it will impair the taste.
Enjoy yourself! We did :-)