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Monday, 25 April 2016

Viggo's Blog: Arctic Stream Winds

Hiya fans, Viggo here.
If it wasn't for the fact that I am sans balls, they would have frozen off today and especially last night!

Me and the guys had made plans to shoot the breeze on the pavement in front of Mate's house last night, but we got a little more wind than we had bargained for...Frith, my ears were flapping against my cheeks and Mate's tail whipped into the shrubbery and we had to free it. The White Goddess was watching us from her windowsill, so we couldn't give up too easily, but frankly I would've gone inside in a flash if she hadn't been sitting there looking aloof and gorgeous.
Mind you, Mate says that she's stuck up and that I should start looking around for someone who appreciates me, instead of mooning after a lady cat who pretends she's in another galaxy.
And Big Black assured me that he's had her (once!) and that it wasn't worth mentioning.
But somehow I don't believe him. He's lost his nuts as well, you see, and isn't it a fact that us toms sort of lose our joie de vivre et amour a bit? Then?
Only a bit, mind! I am quite capable of falling in love.

My woman is looking over my shoulder and snorting. Ha! She doesn't understand. What?
Oh. She's claiming she only understands too well, that nutless toms and post-menopause women have a lot in common.

So, anyway, didn't it half blow last night, and today as well?!
That wind is supposedly blowing all the way down from the arctic. I say! It brings us hail and freezing rain, and I feel sorry for those tiny ducklings we spotted whilst walking Gina today.
In fact, I feel sorry for everyone pining for warm balmy weather, which is the entire nation.
It could be worse.
But I'll be staying in tonight, I'll hide in the closet so my woman can't put me out.

See ya!