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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Viggo's Blog: Well, How About That? I'll Become a Daddy!

Hiya fans, Viggo here.
It's been a while; I've been busy, see. But today I want to share my HUGE news with you.

I will be a Dad soon!!!
Now, before you start texting me that I am deluded as neutered toms cannot beget kittens, hey, relax, cool it, I knooooooooow!
It is a very modern satellite family thing. In other words, the tiny brat is not mine biologically, but will be very much my son practically and philosophically.

Meet Bowie:

At the moment he is still with his mum, in the middle of nowhere, on a horse farm, but in a month or so he will be joining me in my domain. Isn't he cute?
Oh, I am so looking forward to teaching him all my tricks! Like how to get onto the roof next door, and laugh at the old lady who lives there, who thinks I do not use her garden as my toilet. And how to open every door in the house. And how to drink from Gina's bowl without her noticing. And how to wake up my woman at 5 a.m. without her swatting you.

I told my mates about him last night, whilst we were sheltering from the rain under the big white car with the blue letters on, and they were happy for me. We mostly get along, us cats, not like in my old neighborhood where I was in spats all the time with that ugly Maine Coon.
In fact, one of my friends, Nose, asked me if I could put his photo in this post as well. (I believe he's a bit lonely, he's always outside and I do mean always)

He's a nice guy though, Nose! He greets me and my dog Gina every day when we pass him, although we sometimes disturb him in his meditation. "Remember, Viggo, happiness is not a destination," he then says very quietly.

So, you all can look forward to my next posts, eh? Lots of cutesy kitten photos, and naughty kitten stories.
Do you know, I can't wait!
Tadah! Until next time.