Two Dutch Girls on a Road Trip to Wiltshire

Road Trip 2017 (2) - Richmond to Chawton to Salisbury.

Good afternoon! Would you like to join me for the second part of my road trip in the South-West of England? A long time wish of my daughter...

Friday, 21 November 2014

So - Anyone Still Interested Out There?

Good (Saturday - Caturday) morning to you!
I've been extremely busy this last week (too much work, dramas at home, you name it I had it), so I didn't have time to do my usual post publishing. And what happened...attendance drops.
No, not just drops - it practically disappears.
Conclusion? I might as well quit.

Whoa! Stop. Rephrase!
My readers (you) like to drop in and read my stuff, but only when I take the trouble to upload it myself into various FB pages and groups.
Right? Right again.

I've asked someone I admire (actress and character both) to give you "the look".

And I've also asked myself, with my approaching upcoming anniversary on Nov. 24th, whether I want to continue with this blog.
Not because of you (I do like you, really, am simply stating the obvious here), but because of me.
Being the forever introspective type (call it self-obsessed, go on, I dare you), I am always investigating my motives. Life is hard, so in order to keep living it, I investigate and question. And, fast approaching sixty, I have earned the right to do so. I could have quit dozens of times already.

To blog on, or not to blog on. That's the question.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Viggo On "Rotterdam City of 2015" Election.

Hiya. You have reached the blog of a very proud Rotterdammer. The city of my birth has been elected Best European City for 2015 by some London-based committee. YAY!
Now, obviously us born in Rotterdam have known for some time that Rotterdam is great, but it's nice to know that others recognise this as well.
So, to celebrate, I have asked Viggo for his opinion on this wonderful achievement.

Q: Viggo, so nice of you to grant us this interview, it being a Sunday and raining as well.

V: Always happy to oblige, for my fans.

Q: Can I ask you what your first thought was when you heard about this celebratory fact about Rotterdam?

V: My first thought? Hm... Couldn't care less.

Q:Aren't you the tiniest bit proud that the city that spawned your woman won?

V: 'Spawned'? Are you a tadpole?

Q: Viggo, don't be like that, please!

V: Oh, alright then. Well. I must admit that I do admire my predecessor, the  red cat Peter. The way he watched over your birthing... that was classy.  I don't now if I could face that scene; a red squealing smelly baby dropping out of a woman 1 foot away... I'm told he kept his cool admirably, didn't move a whisker. And I know he lived in Blijdorp for years, which is Rotterdam I suppose. It's a pity he has been dead for the last 53 years, it would have been nice to hunt together.

Q: I'm sure. Rotterdam?

V: Oh, yeah, certainly. Rotterdam... Rotterdam... You know, I'm totally blank.

Q: The Euromast, The Erasmusbrug, the Kop van Zuid, the Markthal, the...

V: Enough! You sound like a Tourism Board Advertisement. 

Q: Schmidt Zeevis, Andalus Vis...

V: Ah...that's more interesting. But I'm not really into eating the stuff, sorry.

Q: Anything to say about Rotterdam, anything at all?

V: To tell you the truth, nope. But you can post that selfie I took today.

Q: Already did, it's at the top of this page.

V: Right. Well, you can post the full length ones in the windowsill then, they came out quite well, I think. Pity about those ridiculous African birds.