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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Viggo's Blog - Name change?

Hi, fans, Viggo here.

It has come to my attention that my woman has been communicating with you about her personal mess. Typical! There's human females for you.

Let me make something absolutely clear to you: NOTHING CHANGES!!!
I will write to you just as usual. 
But since we seem to be in dire straits over here, I would like to add a little message of my own:

Send nibbles!

It Never Rains, But...

Hi there!
This is a joint message from both Viggo and myself.

The readers-between-the-lines (you, in other words) have discovered that I have recently discovered that all was not well in marriage land. Again in other words: I have been dumped. Jilted. Betrayed. Found wanting. Found lacking. Found to be approaching sixty-thus-sexlessly-age. Take your pick. Take them all, I have.
I prefer to use: we have drifted apart so far, that land was totally out of sight.

Don't worry. I'll survive. My blog will survive. My posts will survive, and I will try not to turn maudlin on you.
But it is essential that you, my readers, will come to realize that the Renée Koopman that you know has seamlessly morphed into the Renée Grashoff she was unto 1990.
That means there is suddenly another name on top of this blog. It also means that I cannot change my email address simply because of the enormous logistics involved, but that I will have to change it in due course. I will let you know.

To the ones that have taken the trouble to send me sweet and uplifting messages: thank you. You have no idea (no idea!) how much this has meant to me.

Talk to you soon!