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Monday, 1 February 2016

Viggo's Blog: I Have Been Banned From Upstairs at Night!

Hi fans, Viggo here.
The unmentionable has happened: my woman has told me in no uncertain terms that I am not to wake up the entire house at night by jumping unto the doorhandles.

I mean, WHY???

She is so.....mean!
Doesn't she realize that it is only from a feeling of warmth, love and a necessity of crunchy nibbles that I try to get some attention when it is dark?

I have tried to reason with them, really I have tried. Only last week I have done my business on the bed of the young woman, just to make clear that she should not ignore me at night. For some reason she started to make strange sounds like 'eeeeeeeeeuw' and 'yuck' and 'Muuuuuuuum!' And can I help it that her duvet wouldn't fit in the washing machine? Is it my fault that 'Mum' had to wash it under the shower because it was too large to fit anywhere else? If you ask me, my woman should have told the young woman to wash it herself.

Anyway, I noticed a distinctly icy reception from then onwards and the young woman started closing her bedroom door at night. Well, tough titty, I have known how to open doors from when I was 6 months old, so...duh.

But now, since I have been opening that door repeatedly last night, those humans have put their heads together and decided I should 'be put out'. Because they 'need their sleep'.
They should do as all responsible cats do and nap during the day!

I'll let you know how things evolve.
Perhaps I'll need backup.

Tarrah! XX