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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Matt Steady - My Plug

Good morning over there, where ever you are.
A couple of weeks ago one of the bloggers I follow, Tim Clark, pointed out an English singer-songwriter, and curious biddy that I am, I looked him up.
And consequently did something I have never done before - I signed up for an album, Matt's second album, that hasn't even been made yet.

I know, I know, an album gets produced, keep your socks on.

After listening to Tim's tip "The Roamer" on YouTube and liking it, I searched out Steady's  website, and was joyed to find many samples of his songs there, so I could have a leisurely listen. And I liked what I heard! So much so, that I left a comment (I am one of those commenters, can't help myself). Much to my surprise, he answered.
So I listened to some more of his music, and found myself pledging to his new album "Feels Like Coming Home".
Never done such a thing before, I need to be careful with my money.
But what a great way to get to know a new musician! Look up PledgeMusic if you are interested - it is a wonderful concept. The link to PledgeMusic.

Right: Matt Steady! This is the gorgeous piece of music that hooked me. I have very thoughtfully provided a link for you.
Zakaras Lament
But he does a great cover as well. Just listen to this Johnny Cash cover - cover ;-)
71 Views, it said just now. Guys and Girls, this man deserves at least three 000s behind that number within a week!

Thankfully his pledges have reached the 100% mark; meaning that the new album will be actually recorded and shipped to his followers.
And he is so approachable...We, his pledgers so to speak, have had a say in the album cover. Love that sort of thing! Refreshing to see a guy who doesn't think he's a star after 2 YouTube uploads.
So. Do you need more encouragement?
Visit his website and listen to the many songs up there.
As simple as that. 
Enjoy yourselves!