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Monday, 25 July 2016

Viggo's Blog - Our One-Cat Wrecking Ball!

Hiya fans, Viggo here.

Looks cute, eh, our little Bowie?
Well, let me tell you, he is a destructive so-and-so!
My woman assured me I was nowhere near as adhd as Bowie is. We took him to the vet this morning, or at least she did, as it was time for his repeat jab, and was he properly impressed with the office and sharp things? Nope. He raced around that room as if he owned it and didn't bat an eye when the vet stuck in that needle. Show off!

My woman was a bit apprehensive about his weight (blaming MY weight, can you believe that?) him being very lanky and slim, but the vet said he was beautifully on target.
He apparently is going to be a large cat.
So what that I am not such a large cat: I am a very clever cat.

Just to let you envisage what our household looks like now, I've written you a list of the items Bowie has managed to damage, maim, shred, tear, drop, open, throw over or spill:
1. the Bonsai
2. The Ficus
3. the fish tank (he can open the feeding hatch - hm, I've watched him carefully. Might try that myself sometime)
4. the Orchid
5. the curtain
6. the bug door
7. the candle sticks
8. the Fern
9. a bottle of beer
10. a bottle of nail polish remover (ha! that was funny actually, you should have seen his face when that smell hit his nose! It made my evening)
11. numerous book covers
12. even numerouser newspapers
13. loo rolls
14. both the woman and little woman are covered in tiny scratches and bite marks - I've seen my woman, who is very patient, throw a fit when he bit her in the left buttock. "You are going too far now, you little bugger!" Mind you, she is over-sensitive when she's reading, I've noticed that often myself.

This morning he managed to throw himself off the stairs, right from the top step, and would you believe the little brat did a salto in midair and landed on his feet? Gina, being directly in the flight path, didn't even blink. As if she sees cats flying past and landing in front of her nose every day.

So. Am I still enthusiastic about my little friend?
Well, I must admit we do have fun sometimes. We play tag under the bed and in the garden. And we eat our meals together now, sharing nibbles (those baby nibbles are yummy!) and a litter tray. We sleep together on my woman's bed, although he pisses me off when he starts racing around trying to catch her toes. Very undignified! I've stopped doing that years ago.
And I hate it when he jumps on top of me when I'm trying to catch forty winks.

Right. Enough of Bowie. Be talking to you, tar rah!