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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Viggo's Blog - That Young 'Un Is A Handful!

Hiya fans, Viggo here.
It's been a while...sorry about that. It is just that with young Bowie around I hardly get the time to sleep a wink, let alone write to you all.
But the woman has put him out into the garden just now ("Out with you!" she said, and I understand, as he had just put his left claw in her) so I finally have the means and opportunity.

See this? 
This was this morning at 6.30 a.m. Bowie had woken us up, as he wanted to go outside, and we took along old Gina and went to the field just around the corner from our home.
First everything was as usual.

Well, this was a week ago, but you get the picture.
But then our youngster decided he would try to walk on the duckweed of the stream (you can just about spot it behind Gina's left buttock).
He couldn't walk on water, silly brat. He could swim though...He was out of that water in a flash!
He was so upset that he tried to climb the woman's leg, but she walked us home instead and I tried to help him get his coat back into shape.

Hahahaha, not so feisty then!
Still, he got over it pretty quickly.

How's things otherwise? Well, he is a handful. The vet has warned us to look for signs of spraying, and then it's off with his balls. And he wants to shadow box with me: but all-the-time! I cannot get my rest!

Mind you, two weeks ago he came in handy for a change. Let me tell you what happened.
I was out chilling with my mates Big Black and Mate on the pavement at night, but Bowie had stayed in with the woman. At 4.30 a.m. he woke her up by tearing up and down the stairs and screaming in her ear and using her as a trampoline, so she woke up pretty damn fast and went downstairs with him, thinking he had cramps and diarrhea and needed to get out. When she got in the living room she saw the fish tank had sprung a leak and had dumped 3/4 of the water on the parquet floor already.

Is he a clever little bugger or what?
Obviously our house was a little damp, and the woman still hasn't heard from the insurance, but all is well again and all the fish have been rescued and almost all the shrimp as well, and we have a new tank already, which we love. All those pretty colored fishies for our entertainment!

It is still a bit bare...those ornaments are expensive. But the fish are happy.
Apart from that we have settled into a routine together. We now share our meals, which is nice, and we sleep together most days. And Big Black and Mate think Bowie's rather cute and they have welcomed him into our gang. So all in all I think the brat can stay. It is up to me, you understand, I was here first!

Okay, time for my nap. Bowie is still out, so I can have some peace.