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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Christmas? Humbug! (Unless You Happen to Like It...)

Admit cannot wait for December 24th to arrive...even if it's just because you are exhausted and desperately need some time off. do you keep on keeping on?
Stay positive.
Oh..SUCH an open door!
I know. But it actually works.

Did you know that when you smile, even if and when you have nothing to smile about really, but simply use your muscles to twist your mouth into a smile, your brain synapses fire off 'happy dust'? 
(If Viggo could hear me now...I can hear him scoff. "There is no such thing as happy dust, woman!")
It's amazing what you can learn (for free!) by watching TED talks.

So....I am actually looking forward to the holidays, and the whole Christmas experience. I am already planning the menus, and making plans, and thinking about what presents to buy for my loved ones, and having fun anticipating.

Only 2 weeks to go..Yay.

I'll link you to a Christmassy song by the lovely Lisa Hannigan, just to get you in the mood.
(By the way, it is in aid of the Irish homeless)