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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

My Garden is Exploding Into Colour so Fast I can Hardly Keep Up!

We are having amazingly un-Wetlandish sunny weather, and what's more, we've been having this for days now! What joy, what absolute joy!

Unfortunately I am extremely busy at work, so I cannot spend as much time gardening as I would like. But I try to be as often outside as I can manage. And my garden rewards me with colour and leaves unfolding and the occasional surprise.

This is the wildest part of our garden. We've let the Nettle (unprickly) run riot. It covers a large part of the border, but the Narcissi peek through. Later on in the season the Aquilegias simply grow high above the nettles, and so do the Digitalis.

And my husband has come up with a neat method to keep the snails from marching up the prune tree in legions. 

It works!

My Ghost Birch isn't in leaf yet, but it is about to. 

The Mahonia is attracting the bees.

It's very obvious our front garden gets a lot less sunshine than the side and back garden. The Tulips are all still green here.

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all other photos are by myself.