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Road Trip 2017 (2) - Richmond to Chawton to Salisbury.

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Thursday, 24 December 2015

Viggo's Blog: Ho-Ho-Ho!!!

Good morning to you, from both Viggo and Song :-)

Hello fans, Viggo here.
My woman has asked me to say a few words, as it is fitting to mark this occasion, namely our first Christmas in my new home.
The thing is, she has taken a new photo of me on our new table, but has mislaid the cable yet again... So you will have to make do with an oldie but very goodie of me. I'm sure you won't mind! I am good-looking, am I not?

Don't mind Viggo, he is a bit full of himself as usual...

Do you have to say things like that? If you keep saying things like that I'm not certain I want to continue this joint venture!


Yes, right, where was I?
Oh...a few words. Harrum!
Dear fans. Thinking back on the last annus horribilis, (Would you believe auto-correct changed this to hornbills? Stupid computer) I would like to stress that we are fine! My woman can be a bit sentimental and emotional, but there's nothing to worry about. She still feeds me (and smelly Gina) and keeps her fridge well-stocked. She also still showers. So, no worries.
How can I look forward to a new, better year? I have decided to ponder about joining Twitter. What do you say?

Gosh Viggo, do you really think people are waiting for you to start sending them tweets?

If you keep interrupting me you might as well give this speech yourself, woman!
Yes, I really do think there will be interest in my tweets! After all, the internet is the best medium for cats these days. I took heart from the Belgian people tweeting cat photos by the thousands last month as a reaction to their army briefly invading Bruxelles. Besides, I have to keep myself busy during my incarceration.

Viggo explored his new garden yesterday, folks.

Whoah! She let me out for exactly 5 minutes and rushed to get me behind bars as soon as I tried to escape.

He immediately left the back garden and ran into the alley, so I simply had to get him back, as he knows nothing around here and there's a road...

Let's not go into that!
So. Keep your eyes peeled. Twitter!
Oh...yes, and ho-ho-ho to you!!!