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Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Good evening to you, my fellow Bloggers and assorted world-citizens.
What do you do (rhetorical question here - but feel free to answer it when the urge strikes you) when you are in limbo whilst waiting for other people to (finally!) do their work?

You write a song about it.
Well, I did...

See that spider? That spider is fulfilling its purpose. It is doing its work, so to speak. It hangs there, gently swaying in the Autumn breeze, waiting for a juicy fly to land.
I am not like that spider. 
I am waiting, yes, waiting until I am blue in the face. But that's the only similarity.
Unfortunately I am not good at waiting, unlike the spider. My type is the pro-active type. The 'let's put our shoulders underneath it and shove that thing out of the way' type. The 'hell yes, divorce, well, let's get it out of the way as soon as possible so that we can move on' type.
The 'I want to get on with my life' type.


So. As I said. A song.
The link:  Limbo