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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Finally! Moving House - Happiness is not the destination - it's the way.

Good evening, my friends.
This will be the last post written from my old house. From tomorrow onwards, Viggo the Macho, my offspring and I will be living in another house right at the other side of the same town in The Wetlands.
So it is with great anticipation, and huge tiredness (after all, work at school simply must go on) that I will be packing the last couple of boxes.

Viggo is not that concerned; he loves boxes and has sniffed, bit and scratched almost every single one by now. He spends his nights on top of the box which appeals to him most at that moment, so all of them now have a Viggo-shaped indentation. 

We will be painting and moving in first, and will keep moving Viggo between houses for last... Him jumping out of the van and disappearing is a recurring nightmare... Him going walkabout and trying to find his way back to his old home is another... I lost a cat that way once, who tried to walk back, had to cross a motorway and was killed.

But, let's look on the bright side, right?
This post is to tide you over; I don't know how soon my new internet account will be up and working. The ads say "immediately", but I am wise to the world of providers by now. Let's hope soon.

Isn't it weird to be doing everything for the last time since 23 years? 
(Viggo shouts I shouldn't keep asking rhetorical questions)
Yes, it is weird! Some things I will miss (the geese honking their way across the sky every morning and evening), some I will not (the neighbors' parties).

So, wish us luck?
(Oh, shut up, Viggo!)
Hi fans, Viggo here!
Damn, I now understand all these comfy boxes are to be moved! I loved it in my house these last couple of weeks, all kinds of hideaway places and boxes and a lot less hoovering than usual. Me, having to "be moved" ? Not on your life! I am not, stress NOT, getting into that van. I refuse! She can promise me kilos of crunchy nibbles, I don't care.
The last word has not been said on this subject!