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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Viggo's Blog - Let It Snow!!

Hi fans, Viggo here.

My woman tells me that there's a huge climate conference in Paris, France at the moment. She says it is to do with my weather.
Yes, sure, it is your weather too, but basically it is more my weather, 'cause I'm out in it for most of my days and nights, and I bet you're not!

Don't know about your experiences, but over here in The Wetlands it has been raining for weeks now. The water in the rivers and other waterways is extremely high, in fact it is only just in the waterways (as opposed to the waterways becoming simply 'ways' - meaning they are flooding the surroundings).
Now, I don't swim much, but I'm wet all the same all the effing time! It takes me ages to groom, and my woman bans me from her bed.

Let it snow, I say!!

Snow is fun. Yes, it is cold at first, but it smells lovely and clean, and it makes a delightful sound when you jump a mouse in snow. And I adore watching it fall from the sky.
I have told you this before, but in case you suffer from early onset dementia I'll tell you again: I am convinced Kate Bush is half cat. And she has recorded a wonderful song about snow, which says it all.
Nice friendly cat that I am, I have provided you with a link. Enjoy!Snowflake
Until next time, Tar rah!