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Sunday, 11 May 2014

To All Mothers, everywhere. Especially the ones who don't see enough of their kids.

Hi there, Mother.
Happy Mother's Day, to you!
I wish you a marvelous day, where you will be either spoilt by your own kids, by the kids who adore you even though they are not your biological ones, or by me.

Yes, you've read this correctly. By me.
Although shops would like to make us believe otherwise, not all mothers have doting children. If you fall into this category, for whatever reason, then this post is for you, especially!

Have a good day, Mother. You've nurtured a child in your body (often at discomfort to yourself!) and you've given life. For this alone, you need a medal.
I cannot bring you one, so I'll bring you a virtual bouquet and a treat most women will like :-)

You may be secure in the knowledge that you have contributed to the Great Scheme of Things, the circle of life. Good for you. 
Motherhood can be wonderful, all fulfilling. But it can be plain hard work, and a disappointment or disillusion as well, for some of us.
Take heart. I am thinking of you.
And I've looked up a link to one of my favourite singers, Kate Bush.

Have a good day!