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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Music; I Cannot do Without! Can you? (Music by Jodymoon and Paolo Nutini)

Hi. I've told you more than once that I am a committed music lover, right?
Music certainly makes MY world go around. 
It is the score to my life, be it for good or worse, and I can hear a song and will be transported back to a particular moment in my life instantly. Or the other way around: a memory will immediately make me think of a particular song. And a certain piece of music will evoke moods and longings. The link below is a very good example.

It's the prettiest thing - by Jodymoon

So it will not come as a surprise to you that I love to sing myself. I sing all the time (much to the amusement and sometimes chagrin of my work colleagues, who get a continuous stream of song from me whilst I'm checking my email and grading my test papers. Well, I do try to keep it down, honestly I do!)

A very long time ago I worked as a nurse in an old people's hospital, looking after Alzheimer patients, and there was this ancient lady who was so far gone that she had lost the ability to speak, or eat (she was fed by a tube through her nose). She had long, thin white hair, and she would calm down and stop fidgeting with her hands when I brushed it. 

And sometimes this miracle would happen: she would start to sing. She sang hymns. The other Alzheimer patients would hush, and it always brought tears to my eyes.
It has always amazed me, right to this day, that a person who couldn't speak any longer, could still sing. When I think of this lady, I think of the song Amazing Grace. I wished her to be free of the burden which her life had become to her, I suppose. 

After this introspective stuff, the above is to make you smile. It makes my heart sing. Not only is it great fun, but Mr Nutini is scrumptious to watch.
Let me know what music you enjoy?