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Monday, 1 September 2014

The Last Ity: Purity.

There we are: all 18 Ities done. And it has been lovely. Thank you swami and thank you Happinez Magazine for calling them to my attention!

I am a great believer in purity.
Blessed are the pure of heart!

Now, on a prosaic note, my husband will tell you that my house is far from pure most of the time, but I don't equate cleanliness with purity. My mistake, I'm sure.
For me, purity has more philosophical hues. I see a house as pure when there are no bad vibes floating around. And when there are (and in a house where there are adolescents there is no escaping them, alas, all that adolescent anger and angst), I strongly believe in getting rid of those vibes by letting as much fresh air in as possible. And by purifying by using frankincense and herbs like sage. And by playing beautiful music.

Okay. Okay.
Laugh if you must.
If this post makes you see me in a totally new (and dotty) light - so be it.
This is my belief. My conviction.

I have told you before that I do not believe in any religion, that I believe in the goodness of humans ( so call me humanitarian for lack of a better word), but I have also told you I have a very strong Pagan streak ingrained in my very being.

Where it comes from? Frith knows. It has always been there. When I was 4 I roamed the country lanes singing I was a flower child, princess of the there you have it.

Back to purity.
What is more pure than a small child, uncorrupted by the beliefs of its elders? Or a young animal, still innocent? Or a flower? Or a brook? Or the dew on the grass in the early morning, when the people still dream in their beds and only the birds are awake?

I wish the world could be pure. Pure and innocent.
Yep. Always the dreamer...

I wish you a very good day. I hope those 18 "Ities"of the swami have given you some food for thought.
I have had a good time. Hope you have had it too! Peace, my friend.