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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Duncan de Moor - Boy, Can That Boy Sing!

Due to extreme working hours fatigue (such fun to be a teacher in the Wetlands) I couldn't find the time for a new post before. But now here it is.
And today I am going to introduce you to a singer from my hometown, Hellevoetsluis.
His name is Duncan de Moor, he went to the same school as both my kids, left to go to the Rockacademie in Tilburg (yes, that does exist) and is now shining in The Voice of Holland. So far he has survived the Blind Auditions, the Battles and one live show (called The Clash)

Duncan de Moor - Stolen Dance

Duncan keeps saying he sees himself as a frontman for his band, more than as a solo artist. Which is commendable. The band is called The Slick and Suited and they are sort of famous in the small towns where they have so far performed.
Duncan singing his heart out on TV helps, of course. And so does the innocent on camera flirting going on between him and Voice of Holland coach Ilse de Lange (she of The Common Linnets' fame).

Duncan de Moor vs Rob de Nijs

Why am I writing him up? Two reasons.
1. I admire his pluck and talent. 
His voice is distinctive. You can like it or not (it is quite sharp), but you absolutely cannot say it is a 13 to the dozen voice.
2. He comes from Hellevoetsluis and he oozes fun and enthusiasm.

Secretly I would like him to win. 

So go, Duncan. Make us Wetlanders proud!

Update: Aaaaaahhhhh...he got voted out...semi-final...Well, proud of him anyway!