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Friday, 28 February 2014

I've been listening to the birds all day - Spring is on its way!

Hi there!
Told you I am ill, didn't I? I've been in bed all day, feeling really shitty, and too headachy to read or do anything. So I've been listening to the birds.

We have many around the house and around the large pond in the park behind our house. They are so active at the moment that I feel certain that they are heralding Spring. 
The small garden birds are twittering and tweeting, and already exploring the bird houses we have in our trees. And the waterfowl are very noisy, and having lots of fights about territory.

I once had a neighbour a couple of houses over who moved back to Rotterdam because she couldn't get used to the  bird noises in the night. She preferred the blaring police sirens and howling drunks...

I adore those bird noises. In Summer we often sit out until deep into the night, listening to the waterfowl, and to the owl next door (the neighbours keep a tame one in their shed), and keeping an ear out for the snuffling and crunching of the hedgehog who visits our garden. And for the frogs in our garden pond, of course. And my son's ears are still keen enough to hear the high pitched screams of the bats flying over.

Grumbling about the time it takes me to travel into Rotterdam to work each day is one of my things, it's true, but I wouldn't want to move back to the city even if they would give me a bag of money to go along with it.
I'm a nature girl. 

How about you? Are you a city dweller?
Right. I'll leave you with a picture. It's in the future, still, but it's on its way. Hurray!

And I wish I could let you hear one of Sarah McQuaid's songs, the one about sitting next to a stream and letting all the worries of life wash away with the sound of the water. But I cannot. Perhaps one day.