Dementia - need I say more?

Dementia...scourge of our time.

Good afternoon to you! It's been a few weeks and, after some deliberation, I am going to tell you why I haven't  blogged my usua...

Friday, 17 October 2014

Okay. No Excuses.

Hiya, good evening, my fellow bloggers/accidental readers/FB friends!
You may have noticed that there was a longer-than-usual gap between the last post and this one.
That's because I was busy, too busy, and couldn't find the energy to blog.

Another reason is that I am re-defining my motivations and intentions.
Lately I have been dissatisfied with my own blog. (Oy! How silly can you get, eh?)
It....meanders. It's neither fish nor meat (Dutch expression).
Sure, it served its purpose (for me), and I tend to be an eclectic type anyway.

Have decided I will continue (and yes, there has been an almighty inner struggle about this), but in a different format.

From now on, Rays of Light will be about the one thing that drives me. That lifts me up, however down I am. That helps me sleep. That is the cherry on the cake of my mundane little life.

From now on, this blog will be about music.
There, I've said it.
Perhaps this makes you want to leave, if you are one of my 12 followers... Or even if you are one of the more than 12,000 people who have clicked on this blog post, for whatever reason.
But I'd like you to stay...

And don't worry, I'll ask Viggo to join us from time to time...

Just so you'll know I'm quite serious, I'll post a link to a musician I have only just found by accident on the Internet. His name is Mike Cavanaugh, and he makes wonderful music. 

It is only a sample, but the good news is you are able to download his album 'Pretend' from iTunes! Simply go to his website, on , or look him up on Facebook.

So. Do join me on this new adventure?

XXX Renée