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Sunday, 29 March 2015

My Very Own Blossom Festival.

Now will you just look at this!

Isn't it wonderful?
I can totally relate to the Japanese blossom festival, where people go out into the parks and have picknicks under the cherry blossom trees.
This, by the way, isn't a cherry, it is a wild apple tree, and one of the earliest flowering trees in our municipal forest every year.
Gina and me didn't have a picknick though, as it was raining quite heavily when I took it early this morning.
I took another one as well, of the white currant.

The blossoms were too high up for me to reach properly, but it's the thought that counts, eh?
The weather app I use predicts rain for the next 7 days, so I will have to postpone the picknick. Still, the blossoms will cheer up my daily walks tremendously.

Have a blossoming Sunday, where ever you are.

PS. Seconds before publishing this post, I noticed I had typed  'Bossom Festival'. LOL!!! Imagine the comments it would have generated.