Two Dutch Girls on a Road Trip to Wiltshire

Road Trip 2017 (2) - Richmond to Chawton to Salisbury.

Good afternoon! Would you like to join me for the second part of my road trip in the South-West of England? A long time wish of my daughter...

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Viggo on the Goldfish - Quite a Fishy Business!

Hi fans, Viggo here!
Today, as I played around a bit with a freshly caught mole, I noticed my woman sitting next to the pond. I know she's partial to those goldfish, Frith knows why, they are such dumb animals.

Anyway, she claims she has written a Haiku about those silly fish, whereas everyone knows it is ME who is writing those Haikus!
I'll prove it to you:
Goldfish gaze upon 
my reflection in their pond
and blow me a kiss

There! Obviously you are able to recognize the hand of the master?!