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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

When in Rome...Part 3 - The Botanical Gardens.

As you know, as one of my regular followers, I am a garden enthusiast. Wherever I go, I always visit the Botanical Gardens. Rome was no exception.

So...palm trees, what's so special, you may think. But to me, Wetlander pur sang, palm trees are amazing and exotic. In my climate a palm tree only survives in a hothouse.

The Rome Botanical Gardens climb a hill in Trastevere, originally owned by the Corsini family and bordering the attractive Palazzo Corsini. They are not overly large; you can walk around them in an hour or so. But they are varied and above all peaceful.

We had them almost to ourselves. The lower parts, navigable by pram, are used by elegant young mothers. But when you go uphill, the paths turn more narrow, and twist and turn.
My favorite part was next to the Japanese Garden. Will you look at this, isn't it stunning?

This, my dears, is my second favorite flower (after the Rose): the Bearded Lily. We met a small army of gardeners at that point, and they were happy and proud with my enthusiasm.

The beautiful Acanthus, whose leaves adorn many Roman columns. I have tried growing this plant in my garden at home, but alas...the Wetlands are too wet for its liking.

From the highest point on the hill you have a view of the Vatican and Saint Peter. It's a pity you cannot smell the parasol pines, as I did, or see and hear the swallows soaring over the rooftops.

That day we ended again in a small traditional restaurant, where this was on the wall above our table. Sound advice!! I do like those Italians!