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Monday, 1 August 2016

How Come Scandinavians Are Such Good Songwriters? (Ane Brun)

Forever a poor sleeper, I use music to help me drop off. My headphones are essentials in our house - not only do they keep me from disturbing my housemates, but they keep said living companions from disturbing me taking into account our thin wooden walls...
Searching for relaxing music has taken me to obscure places on the www I can tell you!
A couple of years ago I stumbled across a performance on Pinkpop by a Norwegian singer called Ane Brun. It intrigued me, and I looked her up on YouTube.

There's plenty material there, in all manner of forms, from official Vevo to short three-song concerts to fan-video stuff. And what struck me was that Ane is somewhat of a chameleon. Different hairstyles, different clothing style (although always eccentric - so that's a constant I suppose) but consistently good music. Not all quite to my taste, but most of it is. And she happens to attract damn good other singers/musicians.
Her full name is Ane Brunvoll and she's born in 1976 in Norway, but residing in Sweden these days. According to my trusted source Wikipedia she's brought out 11 albums to date.

Ane's English is quite good, albeit sometimes quaintly grammatically weird, but that only adds to her performance. She has the Scandinavian s and a, but not so that it becomes annoying. And she has the voice of an angel. Mind you, the songs in Norwegian ring out to me, they are wonderful, even though I do not understand a word of it.
And she does a good cover as well. Use the link: Ane Brun with Halo

For my Dutch readers: Ane comes to TivoliVredenburg Utrecht on Sept. 4th.

Now, since almost all entries to the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 were written by Scandinavians, I would like to pose the following question to you:
How come Scandinavians are such good songwriters?
Could it be the isolation? The climate? The huge quantities of fish they consume? The disposition? The fact that booze is so expensive? The growing up in an IKEA room?
Help me out here!
Daring to Love (her original song)