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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Wish List

Once in a while I stumble across a shop which immediately makes me wish I had a lot of money.
I don't. So usually I stick to browsing and wishfully think. A few days ago I came across such a shop in Rotterdam, in the Karel Doormanstraat.
It is called Zenza, and it's a chain... I hate chains, as they have taken over our shopping streets and have turned every city into one more pea in a pod. Everywhere you go you see the same shops. Boring!
But for this chain I will make an exception. For it is simply beautiful.
I wouldn't recommend it to those of you with a taste for stark industrial design. Neither to those of you of the chintzy traditional English persuasion.
But if you love Eastern, romantic, fairy-talish handcrafted furniture, light fixtures, jewelry, table wear and even slippers, Zenza definitely is the shop for you!
I've done some photo stealing, so you can judge for yourself. Hope they won't mind. (Hi, Zenza people, I adore your shops! Don't be annoyed with me, please?)
This is one of my favourites. I'd love to have this one in my bedroom! It's made of metal, with tiny holes punched out. Isn't it gorgeous?
And below is another example of the atmosphere of this shop.
They do have a website, so have a look for yourself:  Meanwhile, I've put half of their stock on my wish list!