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Road Trip 2017 (2) - Richmond to Chawton to Salisbury.

Good afternoon! Would you like to join me for the second part of my road trip in the South-West of England? A long time wish of my daughter...

Sunday, 24 November 2013

A fresh start? Hmpff! Fresh Start.58-and-counting!

August 31st, 2017.

Song Smith - Maasvlakte II

You have reached my tiny corner of this blogger's world, where I rule and tell you about my life, passions and pet hates (sometimes). I am fast approaching the 100,000 readers mark - gosh!

You have also reached Viggo's Blog. This is a spin-off from Rays of Light, and - I, Viggo, am proud and not at all surprised to announce - much more popular. Hence I have persuaded my woman to add my photograph in place of honour: gorgeous, am I not? I have my very own Collections Collection on Google+ named Viggo's Life as a Macho Cat.And there you'll find lots of cute photos of our latest addition to the family, Bowie a.k.a. The Brat.

Song Smith - Viggo

Bowie, a.k.a. The Brat

You can also witness my occasional attempt at writing a local whodunit; you'll find this at the right hand side, under the header "The Menopausal Detective on a Slippery Slope".

Who am I? 
I've decided I'm not going to tell you. You'll simply have to read the blog, and by all means read Viggo's, as he is painfully honest.

Yup. You still have time to move on...
If you do not, then you are onto and into a wild and gentle ride (depending on my mood).

Ever since I started this blog on Nov. 24th, 2013, I have seen people from all over the globe read my posts. And this pleases me!

I am a gentle soul, and gentle souls have it tough in these troubled times. There is so much misery and unfairness in this world of ours. But what strengthens me is that I am convinced that there are many, many more people like me, who try their best to live their lives with integrity, and without hurting others.
Writing regularly is a bit of a problem at the moment, as I am a care-giver to my 89 year old very ill Mum next to my full-time job at school. But I'm trying to update and post with some regularity.

Lovely to see you, until next time! 
And meanwhile, walk with me on my

If you are a music junkie, like myself, it might amuse you to look me up on Youtube. Simply type in Song Smith and then dig down deep. I have the grand total of 5 songs floating around - but more will follow no doubt when the mood takes me.
I have started a new series titled The Hike in 2016. Although honesty demands I should change the header to The Ramble.  Look for it under the heading The Hike using the search button. There is also a Google+ "Collection" by that name (The Hike), so do take a look if you're interested.
My other Google+ collections are: 
"Flowers", (duh)
"Song's Best Books Club", about...books (double duh)
"Wetlands Style", about everything that tickles my fancy
and the aforementioned "Viggo's Life as a Macho Cat", about Viggo and Bowie.

PPSS: I am a regular contributor to and have an Instagram page: songsmith2962. You cannot accuse me of acting my age!