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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Beware the Christmas spirit!!

It's here! The countdown to those days of exhausted family spirit. I write 'exhausted', for as a teacher I WILL BE absolutely, totally, utterly washed-out by the time I have got the groceries in by December 24th.
My home-made wreath.
Preparation is everything.

Every year I start out by enthusiastically going into the garden with my secateurs. We have plenty of evergreen trees, and in our climate there usually is no severe frost until January, so they are at their best.

I use a straw base for the wreath, and pins. Easy-peasy.
Besides, I don't like tidy wreaths. So there are always bits sticking out. (A bit like myself; always bits sticking out)

I used to bang a nail into our front door, but ever since we have forked out a huge amount of money for a new one I'm not allowed to do that any longer, so I hang it from the flag holder.

One year I was sad to find that someone had stolen my wreath. My inherent positive side urged me to consider that someone liked this untidy wreath so much that they wanted it for themselves.

The proof
Here you are. The Rays of Light Creative Process in progress.

Handy, those pins!
Having a stylist in the family helps ;-)

My Mum is immensely creative, and even though I haven't inherited her ability to draw, paint or sculpt (and thank Heavens I haven't inherited her inability to carry a tune either!) I have got her sense of style. And so has my daughter. Which takes us to the local garden centre every year in the weeks before Christmas, to immerse ourselves in whatever is trendy that year.
This year, the trend is wood, nature and frosty.
Hence, we have bought some stuff (we always go there saying we will NOT buy anything), as usual. And had great fun decorating. This is only the beginning. We will 'do more'. Much more!
Which brings me to exhaustion. By the time it is december 24th, I will be dead on my feet. So:

Plan. Do not leave it until the last moment. Yes, the food plan is already in my head. So is the guest list.  And a merry time will be had by all (and if you doubt this, I will not invite you, so there)!
Table piece.