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Monday, 9 December 2013

Jodymoon; Holland's Best Kept Secret!

Last April my local theatre, TweeHondjes, persuaded me with a 'buy one-get one ticket free' to come listen to Jodymoon. Was it a good offer? It was the best offer of the year 2013!

Usually I am suspicious of such offers, for they often mean the group cannot get the theatre filled. But I know that TweeHondjes director Johan Veenstra has very good taste in music. So I decided to give this Jodymoon the benefit of the doubt.

I was blown away.
Digna Janssen, a willowy Southern belle based in Maastricht, told us she is, amongst other things, a singing coach. What she didn't explain but what we quickly found out was that she is an original songwriter with introspective lyrics and a great voice, and a personality to match. She told us Johan Smeets is responsible for the string arrangements; well, kudos to Johan!
Together with her partner Johan Smeets and backed up by a two-person string section (Marie-José Didderen on cello and Wim Spaepen on violin) she managed to transport her audience to higher levels of music appreciation. And she even gave us an impromptu singing lesson, which I personally thoroughly enjoyed.
Jodymoon was the surprise of the musical year in Hellevoetsluis.
Johan Smeets during his amazing solo
Why aren't they on TV?

Which takes me to the following question: WHY oh why isn't Jodymoon up there with other Dutch bands, as they are definitely as good as, for instance, those bands that are featured in DWDD every week? (Secretly, I think Jodymoon is better...)

A one-woman plug

So. I've decided to do a little pushing here. Mark this:
Jodymoon has released three albums. I've immediately bought all three the day after the concert.
So can you. To make this easier for you, I'll list them.

1. 'never gonna find it in another story' - 2008 (my favourite track: sleepless laura)
2. 'who are you now' - 2010 ( my favourite track: I could wait forever)
3. 'the life you never planned on' - 2012 (my favourite track: City lights * that guitar!!!!!)

Do look them up, they are on YouTube, and on FB, and have their own site, which I will link for you. I mean, I've done all the work for you, now all you have to do is listen. 

I can't wait for album #4!
17th January: I've got the next best thing: a link to their latest song. Enjoy!Money in our pockets by Jodymoon