Dementia - need I say more?

Dementia...scourge of our time.

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Happy Cat to you!

Oh inspiration whatsoever. It happens....
And no story in store either...
The fact of the matter is that I'm pretty zonked out. My back is troubling me, work was hectic, emotional and plain hard work today,  I have a headache and I would rather be in bed. 

So, I have decided it is Cat Day today! Happy Cat to you!!!
Cat is warm. Cat is cuddly. Cat is regal. Cat is inquisitive. Cat is hungry (my cat is always hungry). Cat is imperious. Cat is Master of the Universe.

Got some of my favourite cats for you!

You either love this post, or you have skipped it, in which case I don't have to worry about it, eh?
I'll leave you with a link to happy memory of my youth.