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Monday, 14 April 2014

Honeysuckle - the perfect cover for an ugly wall.

I promised you more posts about gardening - and I'm true to my word. It is no hardship at all, as it is Spring and my garden is a riot of colour and I swear I can hear the plants grow!

This is my Betula, or my ghost birch, and the wild forest Honeysuckle that used to grow into it. Last year my dog Gina destroyed the plant one day, by gnawing through the base. Why? Beats me. But the honeysuckle didn't survive the onslaught.

And this is the honeysuckle which we have planted along the dividing fence which separates our garden from the street. It smells divine! It attracts all kinds of insects.

This is the same plant, when in full bloom. We sit out in the garden until late at night, and smell this plant, whilst listening to the frogs in our pond, and to the hooting of the tame owl our neighbours keep. You would think we are way out into the wild, as opposed to in the middle of suburbia. 

I searched out an old photograph for you, from 1997, when the old pergola was still in place. The honeysuckle, seen from the bedroom window on the first floor, is covering a makeshift little roof, made of an old sheep fence, which gave my then 4 year old son shade to play in  and my daughter used to be in her crib under this natural roof. I remember her looking up at the green cover above her head and waving her chubby little arms at it.

We have another honeysuckle as well, which is pale yellow and smells of lemons. I love it! But for some reason it has never been photographed by me. I will remedy this in the time to come! 

So why not plant yourself a honeysuckle of your own? Did you know you have 180 species to choose from? And if you are into Bach remedies: honeysuckle helps you to let go of the past. And it is a great plant for bees, who can use all the help they can get!!!

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