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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

What's Your Favourite Holiday Destination?

Good evening, and welcome Mexico! Ola!
This evening I have a question for you: what is your favourite holiday destination?

Most people where I live would choose something like the above picture. That has everything to do with our climate. I'll show you a picture of OUR seaside, and you'll understand immediately:

Yep. Grey sea, cold water.
We are hardy types, so we do swim in it, even in winter (briefly)! But if we have a choice, we prefer balmy seas, preferably with water you can see your feet in. And those pretty pretty seashells.

Or are you the green type? Mountains, fields, woods? Waterfalls?
Perhaps it is because I grew up in a seaside village, but I am of the latter persuasion. Beaches, lovely, for a day or so, with nice temperatures and a nearby restaurant. But give me a green rolling mountainous landscape and my heart soars.

I remember going to Switzerland in 1991, and waking up on a campsite in Lauterbrunnen, and watching the sun come up over the mountain and the first rays striking the large waterfall first and then the many small waterfalls afterwards, and tears springing into my eyes because I thought it was the most beautiful landscape I had ever seen.

There is something about rolling hills or soaring mountains that makes my flat Dutch heart beat faster. When I dock in some English harbour (much too rarely), the hills are able to make me sing with joy.
And when I go to our only hilly province (Zuid-Limburg), all I can think of is that it reminds me of good old England. The flat bit of England, that is... In fact, Norfolk is about as near as it gets to Zuid-Limburg..

This is an intriguing photo. A Dutch cow (Frisian) pursuing a cat. The landscape is sort of Dutch, although we fence in our cows. (Right, right, I am drifting a bit here. But thinking about Norfolk made me think about flat meadows, and flat meadows made me think about cows, and thinking about cows made me remember I had this weird photo in my laptop)

By the way, this is one of the best things to do with sand, in my opinion. This gorgeous sand sculpture is by Pedro Mira. 

Doesn't this landscape simply invite you? Just watch that pathway meandering up that hill. Haven't a clue where this is, but I like to imagine it is part of the route to Santiago the Compostella, a long-distance walk I hope to walk some day. Not for any religious reason, but simply because it is there.
Okay, and because it has been walked by pilgrims for centuries. And I am a sentimental spiritual fool. 
All I need is a bucket full of money, three months off work and someone to come with me.