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Friday, 1 August 2014

Get Out of your Pupa!

Hi there, dreamers and wild children. Peace, to you!
This evening there were so many huge dragonflies in my garden that I stood amazed.
We used to see them occasionally, but this Summer we have masses.
I like them, they hover and swoop over our pond. The fact that they are ferocious killers doesn't diminish their beauty. (And they kill for food. Not for any other purpose. They do not try to take over one side of the make but a tiny point)

artwork by Emily Kill

Dragonflies and butterflies. They belong to The Wetlands' Summer as the bees and, unfortunately, mosquitoes.
What they all have in common is that they start their life as larvae. Ugly blind little things they are. And then they hide themselves for awhile and undergo a transformation. And grow wings.

I don't know about you, but I have only lately began to grow my wings.
Some people do this much earlier on in life. Some others never get beyond the hiding stage. And yet some stay ugly blind larvae all their lives.

The last couple of days I have heard a song on the radio, which made me think about butterflies and dragonflies. Don't ask me why; it has nothing to do with them, except the refrain is 'danse', and those dragonflies and butterflies dance across my vision. But still... It is in French, and if you don't understand this language, never mind. Simply let the lyrics wash over you along with the music. 

And imagine yourself growing wings.

PS In case you are wondering why I remain silent about the Israel-Palistine War...

I have nothing, nothing, nothing to add, no wisdom to impart, no solutions to offer, except my deep pain and regrets about the violence.
Killing children? I have no words to adequately express my disapproval. Shame, shame, shame on both sides!