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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Sometimes All it Takes is an Optimistic Heart (and a little pig-headedness)

Told you I am trying to learn how to play the guitar, haven't I? And I've also told you some time ago that my beloved black tomcat Viggo had kicked my brand new semi-acoustic  guitar off its stand (because he wanted to be fed! Can you believe this cat?!) , right?
And the shop I asked for a repair quote told me it was going to cost me 250 Euros, minimum. 
And that my insurance said I had a risk of 150 Euros to be paid by little old me, before they would pay for the rest of the repair.
And (I didn't tell you this, but it is what happened) I left my lovely guitar in my room, next to my bed, and mourned it. And I looked at it every day, and cursed my bad luck. And then, two days ago, I decided to turn events around and try to repair it myself.

I looked at it very carefully, then loosened the strings, took some Bison wood glue and a fine brush, and brushed the glue into the crack. Then I put two glue thingies on (don't know the word, sorry, but there is a photo below). And waited for 2 days.

This afternoon I, again very carefully, took off those glue thingies, with baited breath. It looked okay...

And then, after a huge optimistic 'it will be okay!' affirmation hurled into the universe, I tuned it, ever so carefully.
It gave one nasty 'twang!', nearly giving me a heart attack, but...It is tuned. It has been played...


Btw, this isn't me! I'm chubby. But cheerful.

So. Mission accomplished. Glad I tried.