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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Did You Hug Someone Today?

Good evening, my friends, from the wet and windy Wetlands.
The prediction was storm with wind speeds of up to force 9, and some rain. What we got was wind, but not storm, and just to make things even we got non-stop rain.
The perfect day for staying inside and getting all introspective.

Unfortunately I had to work, which is not the ideal environment for introspection; 780 teenagers milling around somehow did not create the tranquil mood I was hoping for...
So I did my best to find my own quiet place by closing the office door after my last lesson of the day, and attempted to hide myself in an imaginary bubble.
No such luck. People kept walking in on me, and I found myself getting slightly annoyed (which is ridiculous, as I have to share that office with 7 colleagues and they all have the perfect right to be there as well).
Until one of my younger colleagues swept in, soaking wet from having walked from our other location, and gave me a spontaneous hug.

Believe me, at my age there is nothing sweeter than a well-meant hug when you absolutely do not expect it.
Younger people touch and hug each other all the time, I see it everywhere. My pupils drape themselves over and around their pals, friends in the tube do, young lovers cannot keep from touching.
But when you get older, the hugs get fewer and fewer, I find. Perhaps it's me. But I don't think so.