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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Haiku on Kabouter Buttplug - Rotterdam

You what? A Haiku on a statue-with-a-rude-name? Yep, sorry, we Rotterdam people have the habit of coming up with imaginative names for objects in the public eye. Especially the more, shall we say, explicit-looking objects.

This statue is by Paul McCarthy, and boy oh boy did it cause a stir and a stink when it was unveiled. 
Now, let this image slowly sink in. What do you see?
No, dear, it's supposed to be Father Christmas. At least, that is what the Rotterdam Council spokesperson tried to tell the good people of Rotterdam, who were bewildered by what their Council had spent their (tax)money on.
Look, see, he carries a Christmas bell in his left hand.
And what does he hold proudly up in his right hand?
Obviously! A Christmas tree!
Now, of course that was the very first thing that sprang to your mind, right?

The funny thing is that the same sculptor has managed to sell one of his huge statues to the council of Paris, where it caused the same kind of stink, as it carries the same lewd thoughts into people's minds as Kabouter Buttplug does in Rotterdam.

Art is supposed to evoke emotion, and cause commotion I suppose.

Do I like this statue? Hmmm. No, not my taste. But there is no accounting for taste, so if you happen to like it, fine.
Any way, it did inspire me, some time ago, to write the following Haiku.

Buttplug in the rain
gleaming rivulets drip down
like tears of a clown

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