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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Update on the Love Life of Our Pond Frogs.

Well, the deed has been done. Or should I say: deeds. For our 54 (!!!) brown pond frogs have produced masses and masses of spawn.

Okay, I admit it is a bit of a puzzle, or 'find the froggie', due to the fact I have used a mobile and not a camera.  But if you look closely, you can spot the white throats of a number of frogs, floating on top of the masses of frogspawn. 
They are so busy-busy with producing more spawn and defending it, that they have lost all shyness. My daughter stuck her hand in amongst them yesterday and they simply croaked on and didn't take a blind bit of notice.

And look at my goldfish...oooooooh....Jaws has nothing on them. They are hanging around, waiting their chance.

Still. They've left plenty of spawn uneaten last year.
It bugged me that I didn't know if both females and males sing, so I did some research. I learned that we have 11 different kinds of frog in the Netherlands, of which the common brown ones are our pond guests. And although the females are larger than the males, it is the males who produce that lovely sexy croak.
I also learned that the difference made between frogs and toads (whom we have in the pond as well) is void these days. Toads are simply a kind of frog.

I can watch them for hours! This morning, before leaving for work, I sang a quick duet with them, and this inspired me to write a Haiku:

Frogs defending spawn
in great gleaming brown wet balls
of irrational lust


Update 12th April: All the brown frogs have left to go walk-about!