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Saturday, 26 September 2015

Blood Moon over The Wetlands? Jodymoon Rules!

Good afternoon (well, it is here), my music lovers everywhere around the world.

Whilst our moon is gearing up for her Blood Moon phase later on this weekend, we here in The Wetlands have another moon worth watching. And especially worth listening to!
I have blogged about this band before, Jodymoon, but I am presently going to blog about them again.
Because they are bloody (moon) good, that's why! (pun intended)

Whilst searching out one of their songs on YouTube to link to for you, I came upon one of their own videos from a couple of years ago, and since it is in English (how convenient!) I'll link this underneath this post.
They have moved on (a bit) since then, but their music is consistently brilliant and original. The funny thing is that the people in the know (radio djs, critics) all agree that they are brilliant and original, and still they are relatively unknown in The Netherlands.
Weird, that! And a shame. All my fellow countrymen are missing out.
We are clustered in front of The Voice every Friday evening, where unknown singers are bombarded to "Stars"  overnight, when all this time we have a little diamond in our midst hardly anyone cares about.

So. I've decided that I will single-handedly do my best plug here. Just think - you will appreciate this band which is under-rated in their own country...oooooohhhh....good for you!
Do give the video a try, and if you want more they are on YouTube with some of their songs, often live. 

Introducing Jodymoon