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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Jodymoon Has Done It Again! Another Rough Amethist of an Album.

Hiya, my Internet friends!
When you have been waiting with baited breath for a new album for over a year, and "All is Waiting" finally plops into your letterbox, the anticipation is almost too much, isn't it?
My delight couldn't have been greater when I discovered the CD came with a handwritten post it from Jodymoon (or whoever packs and sends their CDs) to enjoy it. What a lovely touch!
(Told you I am a soppy old cow)

I had to wait a couple of hours for some peace and quiet, but then, at last, I could pop it into my docking station, put on my headphones, snuggle up in bed (my favorite music listening hideaway) and listen.

(Photo found on Google)

What struck me immediately is the great variety in the songs. Although there seems to be a kind of theme this time. Houses and places feature frequently. As they have chosen to record the music in their own Woodroom Studio in Maastricht, instead of in some foreign studio, this seems to have been an (unconscious?) leading motif. And emotions feature greatly, but this is nothing new for Jodymoon.
Take, for instance track # 7, 'The donkey dance'. It became my instant favourite, simply because I am a junkie for Johan Smeets' guitar playing, but also because of the way their voices blend and the poignant humor of the lyrics.

(As an English teacher my 'ear' for English sometimes trips me up where the lyrics are concerned. Digna Janssen (responsible for the lyrics) makes original use of my professional first language. But who cares if there is the occasional grammatical roughness? It's charming.)

This album is another rough amethist from a too-little known band. The single 'The long way round'  gets played on the radio this time, but I do not envisage an explosion of media interest in their fifth CD either, and that is such a shame! I suppose the reason is that Jodymoon is just not commercial enough.
On the other hand, perhaps they themselves aren't remotely interested in commercialism. I cannot pretend to know.
And it does give one a nice exclusivity at gatherings to be able to state that Jodymoon is simply the best Dutch duo around.
(Jody Who? Well, if you don't know who I mean...Are you sure you know anything about good music? Plug in your Nick & Simon and sweet dreams, my friend.)

The thing is, all jesting aside, I would like to urge everyone to get acquainted with this wonderful music. It speaks directly to your soul. Well, to my soul anyway!

(original photo by Perry Schrijvers)

So check out  "All is Waiting". You can find samples at their website, but also on the Paradiso site (concert today!!! Wish I could be there) and through other concert venues. Simply Google.
I am looking forward enormously to the concert on March 15th in Walhalla Rotterdam.

And for all you international readers of Rays of Light: if there is just one Dutch band you would like to have music from in your music collection, just one, Jodymoon is a great buy.

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