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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Poor Amazingly Wonderful Robin Williams

Feeling a bit under the weather, so I had promised myself an Internet-free day today...But then my daughter called from upstairs to tell me that Robbie Williams was found dead. So I was shocked into getting up from the couch to get the details.
"No...not Robbie, Robin!", she told me.
Oh dear. Shock turned into dismay. Much as I admire Robbie as a performer, Robin is in a totally different league in my eyes.
Ever since I first saw him as Mork, I have followed his career, and have seen every movie he has acted in and many stand-up moments as well.

What can I tell you that hasn't already been said (and much better) by others about this wonderful actor?
Nothing. And since a picture paints a thousand words, I'll leave you to remember him with just that. 
Be at peace, Mr Williams.