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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Grey Is The New Ginger!

You know what is said about people (especially women, for some reason) with ginger hair, don't you? 
Oh, you don't?
Well. They say that red-haired women are harpies. Or feisty. Or temperamental. Get it?

Personally I think that is hogwash. Red-haired women are just as sweet, or as bitchy, as brunettes or blondes.
But let's for argument's sake say that there is a grain of truth in it. That gingers are less boring, more exotic - alright: more temperamental that the other hair colours.

Then I state that grey is the new ginger. (No, not that 50 shades of grey bullshit, I mean grey hair).
Oh dear. I hope I haven't offended anyone now. If you actually read and liked that book, so sorry!

Lately I have noticed a new phenomenon. More and more well-thinking women of a certain age around me have stopped tinting their hair. In fact, so have I! My hairdresser doesn't like it one bit - but then my unilateral decision stops her from earning 85 Euros every 6 weeks, so I totally get her point.
I let my grey come through - my silver wings are getting progressively more silvery every week, I swear. And I like it. It gives me a look that goes with the laugh lines and the wrinkles in my face. And yes, I now do look as if I'm approaching sixty, which I am, so what?

I'm rather proud of my seniority. At work no-one can mistake me for a young nitwit any longer. In fact, I often use it on purpose, when my young guys (I have 430 'guys' I teach English to, from the age of 16 to the age of 24) get too rowdy. "Hey, mind my age, mind granny", I tell them. It's usually good for a laugh. Make no mistake, to them 30 is old, 40 is older and anything over 50 is definitely ancient. I mean, most of their parents are much younger than me!

Us older women have borrowed some of that temper from our ginger sisters, though. At Pinkpop (a pop festival) I observed quite a few grey-haired women rocking to metal bands. With abandon. Without shame.

And that pleases me.