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Monday, 29 June 2015

Happy Birthday to Me! (Viggo's Blog)

Hi there, fans. 
Yesterday I celebrated my fifth birthday. Happy Birthday to ME!

Now, you may believe I'm dead in this photo, but you are wrong. This is me, doing my "Utter-Relaxation-Position". Or URP, for short.
Please take notice of the left front paw, which is positioned just so, not touching the right one. Both hind paws should be next to each other, lightly touching, but not stiffly. 
A soft purring sound is advisable, this helps to get the relaxation gradation just right.

I've tried teaching this position to my old dog Gina, but she isn't up to it, especially that left paw is a bridge too far for her. Somehow she keeps sticking it out like a ram-rod.

A close-up to teach you the facial expression. See how content I look? That's because URP makes you feel good!

This is just after I moved from URP into the final position, called "Show-off-your-belly", or SOB* for short. The purpose of SOB is to roll over, if needed, and get to your feet to ask for more food, although you can ask for more food whilst in the SOB position. I did.

* Some of you mistakenly think this means son of a bitch. You are wrong again. Us cats do no use the word bitch at all.

And there endeth the lesson for today. Keep up your practicing, and until next time.