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Monday, 28 September 2015

Movie Review: The Dutch Delta (Holland: Natuur in de Delta)

Once in a while a film can show you an aspect of your own country which surprises or enlightens you. This happened to me last night, when I took my old Mum to see The Dutch Delta.

This is my own translation, by the way, because this film is not being distributed abroad (yet). And I so hope it will be soon!!!

It shows my country in the best manner possible. Green, blue, above all with water omnipresent and with some animal species as the main characters, of which the hare is one.
The hare, as Carice van Houten in her voice-over tells us, has lived here much longer than us humans.
The Dutch Delta has been populated for approximately 8000 years, but the animals have been here forever. And they have had to adapt, adapt and adapt again. 
Thankfully we humans lately have come to realize that we should be thankful they are still amongst us, those animals. And that they have the right to a clean, safe environment as well. 

Ever since the industrial revolution they have been pushed into hiding and their living conditions have deteriorated so much that some of them (the sea eagle for instance, but also otters and beavers) have moved out of our country permanently.
But, and this is the good news, now that we have come to our senses some of those animals have returned. The beaver is one, the sea-eagle is another.

Mark Verkerk's film shows us an endless green and blue landscape, flat as flat can be, with ever present wind. This is the country I live in (wind! rain! I have to deal with these on a daily basis whilst cycling to and fro work), but seeing it from the eagle's viewpoint took my breath away.
Especially since I saw one of those "flying doors" (wingspan 2 m) as we call them yesterday over my own little piece of Wetlands, being chased away by the two buzzards who have taken up living in and ruling over our puny 17 acre forest.

For me the animals are the true stars of this film, with a good second place for the cameramen and -woman. Their camerawork is truly amazing. The word 'epic' comes to mind.
Take a look at the link I've provided for you. You will not be sorry! The Dutch Delta
And keep an eye out for a possible release in your country.