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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Colouring for Adults: Childish Pastime, or Mindful Zen Moment?

Here you have it. The Dutch rage, craze, trend (take your pick) of 2014-2015.

All of a sudden adults were not ashamed to admit they were colouring. And they didn't have to pinch their kid's books or buy childish coloring books either - for someone with a very smart business plan brought special colouring books for adults on the market. First there was one, which you had to search for, and then all of a sudden around Christmas 2014 they were everywhere.
I had a talk with our local pencil supplier and he told me that coloring pencils were a dwindling market (kids prefer the markers) - until recently. Now the luxury 50 pencil boxes fly out of his shop almost as fast as he can get them in.

I adore it.
It makes those chattering monkeys in my head, especially those after a stressful day's teaching, shut up instantly. They go quiet and respectfully watch me sharpen my pencil and start a new zentangle, or mandala, or wallpaper. When one tries to start in with a flip remark, the others hush it immediately. Be quiet! She's creating calm.

So what do I like about it so much?
It's a combination of factors: the anticipation - the choosing of the colours - the putting on of music - the concentration - the being totally in the moment.
Very Zen, in fact!

I must admit my husband looks at me askance and although he doesn't say it out loud, 27 years of experience of living with him tells me what he is thinking: don't you have something better to do with your time?

No, actually.