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Monday, 5 January 2015

How to Keep Your Woodpecker Happy

Hi there!
I will be doing my annual bird count soon, and this year I am proud to announce we have managed to invite and entice the elusive woodpecker into our garden bird restaurant.

We bought some bird peanut butter (the kind specially produced without salt and with added goodies for birds), and instead of leaving it in the jar - as you are supposed to - my husband scooped it out and spread it onto a large fir cone.
This he hung into the Japanese maple. 
And, joy of all joys, the woodpecker has spotted it and makes a regular appearance. It perches on to a branch next to the cone and eats with pleasure.
So far I haven't managed to photograph it (yet).
So you'll have to make do with a snatched photo, sorry.

Still, I'll keep trying.
If you would like to read about last January's bird count, take a look at the January 2014 posts. You can find all posts at the left side of the blog, or use the search button #birds.