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Friday, 2 January 2015

New Year's Resolution Fulfilled - oh yeah!

Good afternoon to you!
I hope this day finds you feeling optimistic and full of anticipation of a good 2015.

I cleaned my oven today. Yay!
No,no,no,no, don't run away now...You have NO idea what an achievement this is!
You see, I am definitely NOT a natural born cleaner.
In fact, I hate it. I do it though, as I hate dirt as well. Not a good combination...very unpractical. But, truth be told, I would gladly pay someone (man or woman, I'm very into equality) to do it for me, except I cannot afford that.

So, with the sun shining and all the festive parafernalia cleared away, I took a deep breath and bought new gloves, oven cleaning poison, new sponges and stuck my head into that oven.

I use if often, being an oven cook (read: lazy cook), and this last couple of weeks it has been doing overtime with glazed potatoes, roasts, fish, more potatoes, cakes, even more potatoes and home-made crisps.
And thus it was filthy. It took me 1 1/2 hours...But now it is sparkling clean.

The thing is though, I had to use that Hagesan poison. works alright. But I prefer natural cleaning materials. For instance, I clean my bathroom with clear vinegar and sometimes soft soap, and that works fine.
Question: does anyone have a natural solution for cleaning a filthy greasy oven???

Obviously, with music playing the enormous role in my life that it does, I looked up a good cleaning song. The link is right next to this line. Dixie Chicks

And it feels great. It is absolutely true that a clean oven makes you feel all righteous and good :P

Right. And that ends this prosaic blogpost.
See you soon!