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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Counting the birds today? My results.

Good morning to you all! Especially you there in Norway and Thailand, hi, lovely to see you! Do visit again, won't you?
I've been counting my garden birds today, for the Dutch Society of Protecting the Birds. I do this every year, and I must say, it's a frustrating event today. 

We feed our birds through the winter months, and usually have numerous species visiting our garden all year. I've already blogged about this earlier this week. I really like watching them. I've tried to upload a short video my husband took of a blackbird watching himself in a mirror next to our shed, and peeping behind it to see where that other bird was hiding, but for some unknown (to me!) reason it will not upload. I'll try again, though (I'm nothing if not persistent).
Here is a still of that blackbird watching himself.

Right. Why was today frustrating? Because there are hardly any birds feeding! Now, it is raining, but they usually don't let that stop them. Anyway. Here is my result. (Btw, most photos are courtesy of the Internet, I've borrowed them - thank you very much for putting them up there!)

Sunday, 19th January 2014, Hellevoetsluis - during 1 hour.











Where are my jackdaws? And my turtle doves? And my blackbirds... Oh well... You'll have to make do with what did visit this morning.