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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Abafazi : go to this show if you want an uplifting evening!

Going to the theatre is one of the joys of my life. Especially when it is musical theatre.
Ever since I went to the Shaffy Theater in Amsterdam when I was 17, I was hooked. And I still go as often as I can manage, now that I am deep into my 5th decade, and approaching the 6th.

African music has a special place in my heart, since my Mum brought home an lp of Ipitombi from Johannesburg in the 70's. I 'borrowed' this, and have played it again and again and again. So, whenever there's a show with African music near Rotterdam, I go.
I saw Umoja in the Luxor Theatre, and the African Mamas in the New Luxor (twice), and numerous smaller productions. And now this one: Abafazi, meaning 'women' in Zulu, I'm told.

The energy these women display! I would be dead within 10 minutes if I had to dance, drum and sing at the same time. And they keep this up for 2 hours!
And another observation: we Dutch females can learn a thing or two about feeling at home in your own body. Some of the Abafazi artists are 'big' to put it mildly. But they shine, and dazzle, and are gorgeous.

So...they have an extensive playlist and a FB page, so you have absolutely NO excuse to not go to one of their shows. 
Enjoy it!