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Saturday, 8 February 2014

May the Olympic Force Be With You! - And I mean ALL of you.

We are a family of sports lovers - no doubt about it. 
Olympic years have a little extra glow, in this house. The television (not a thing which has an extremely important place in my life) suddenly becomes a permanent light source, for it is on all the time.

Not being able to ski, or rodel, or speedskate, or curl myself, I watch the athletes with baited breath, hoping that they will have a great day and that they will put down the performance of their lifetime.

And obviously I hope that my fellow Dutchmen will do well. We have the potential winners of a couple of gold medals, so...I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for Sven and Irene and the rest of them.

My dear Reader, the introduction of this blog is now at an end.
What follows is the main argument. And therefor I am now warning you, gently, that if you are of the Putin-persuasion, it isn't safe to continue reading!

Peace, my friend.

I believe in equality. People, all people, you people, were created equal. 
Religion is simply this: a belief created by people to give them something to hold on to, to believe in.
I believe in people. Am I a Humanist then? Perhaps. I don't like dogma. I don't like someone telling others what to believe and what not. (Am I biting my own tail here? Yes, I am. But it is for a reason. And no, I'm NOT telling you what to believe and what not. I'm trying to make a point)

Human rights cannot be ignored.
What irks me, is that the little mistake of one snowflake not opening during the opening ceremony last night, gets more attention than the direct hint in the opening speech of IOC chairman Mr. Bach that the Olympic Games are intended for ALL people. 

I will not tell the Russian people what to believe in. I will not tell them how to live their lives, who to vote for, or how to love. Who am I? I am nobody.
But I wish that all Russians would have the freedom to decide for themselves who, and how to love.
It's love, what it comes down to, in the end. 

I wish you a lovely time watching the Olympics!