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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Face your Fears!

Good morning to you all!
Today, I saw a Kingfisher. And I immediately took it as an omen of good luck.

I always walk Gina, my dog, early on Saturday morning, and today was no exception. We took the walk along the cycle path, which leads adjacent to the copse, separated from it by a "sloot" (a man-made waterway approx. 2 m. wide). I suppose you could call it a water-filled ditch in English. There is some patchy sunshine even though it's blowing a gale yet again, after weeks of rain and storm, so I felt happy, but at the same time anxious (I'll explain the reason in a moment).
I know this Kingfisher lives in the bank of this sloot, but I've only seen it three times in all the 20 years I've lived next to the copse. Imagine seeing it this morning! The sun caught the brilliant blue of its back as it sped away from us.

Right. Why am I feeling anxious? I'll tell you.
Tomorrow, I have to drive home from Rotterdam airport in our Volkswagen Transporter. By myself. 
And. I. am. terrified.

I have been driving a Leyland transporter through London in the eighties, no problem at all! It didn't have mirrors, bless the rusty barrel, and I filled it to the ceiling with flowers, and I was able to park it blind backwards, or hanging out of the door myself whilst steering.
So why am I terrified of driving my gleaming Volkswagen, I ask you?
I don't know. It's this irrational fear.

So we've had it for over a year, and I haven't driven it more than thrice. 
This is going to change tomorrow, for I have decided, I am determined, to face my fears.

And I'll drive that bloody car!

Wish me well?!